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The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Dr. Gayatri D. Sakhrani, D.M.D., C.A.G.S.

Fremont, CA

Mission Hills Family Dentistry Inc.

Dr. Gayatri Sakhrani came to the United States over 20 years ago to pursue a career in the field of dentistry. She received her training from the prestigious Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine and continued to pursue a residency program that provided her advanced training in cosmetic and implant dentistry.

After completing her education in Boston, Dr. Sakhrani moved to the Bay Area to join her husband. She practiced as an Associate Dentist with Dr. Nathan Kaufman and Dr. Joel Borskin in the North Berkeley area for 5 years, before taking over Dr. Randy Mitchell’s practice in Fremont in 2006.

Dr. Sakhrani or Gayatri as most of her patients call her is very passionate about dentistry and takes utmost care of her patients, making herself available 7 days a week to address emergencies. She takes the time to listen to her patient’s concerns and address their needs in the most caring and professional manner. She understands that dentistry may not always be pleasant hence she always goes the extra mile to spend time and be as gentle as possible so that her patients always leave with a positive experience.

One of the goals Dr. Sakhrani sets for her patients is that teeth are meant to last for a life time. To accomplish this goal she ensures that her practice puts a lot of focus on preventive dentistry. She makes every effort to educate her patients about the importance of oral health and provides personalized oral care regiments to her patients. Since not all mouths are the same, she develops customized oral health improvement programs for her patients.

Dr. Sakhrani resides in Fremont with her husband and two daughters. She is very excited about the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with you, your family and the community for the years to come and looks forward to serving your dental needs. She always wanted to make a difference to the world in her own little way. A career in dentistry has allowed her to do exactly that.

Advanced Education in Cosmetic and General Dentistry (C.A.G.S.)
Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine

Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)
Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine (Dean’s Honor List)

Advanced Certification in Invisalign


Doctor's Hours

Monday 8:00am - 5:00pm (Fremont)
Tuesday 8:00am - 5:00pm (Cupertino)
Wednesday 8:00am - 5:00pm (Cupertino)
Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm (Cupertino/Fremont)
Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm (Fremont)
4th Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm* (Fremont)

Gayatri Sakhrani
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Team Fun Page

Are Baby Teeth important? Baby teeth may not last forever, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely important. In fact, they are just as important to babies and kids as your adult teeth are to you! Here are five things every parent definitely needs to know about baby teeth. My Child is having speech issues could this be related to their teeth?

Losing certain teeth too early can make it difficult to correctly say some words and might cause long-term problems down the road. Does it really matter if you get a cavity in a baby tooth?

Baby teeth are different from adult teeth in that the outer layer of the teeth (the enamel) is much thinner, and the layer just under that (dentin) is much softer. Because of this, cavities can eat through baby teeth surprisingly quickly. With regular dental checkups, little cavities can get filled before they grow into a gaping hole. Do cavities in baby teeth hurt as bad as adult cavities?

Cavities hurt at any age! For children with untreated cavities, there is a good chance their little mouths are in pain. This can make it hard to focus in school and may lead to them feeling upset or grumpy much of the time. Living with the nagging pain of a toothache is no fun at all, so get those tiny teeth looked at asap! Healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth, but they also do so much more. You can do your part by making sure your children brush after meals, floss daily, and see the dentist twice a year. And if you spot a cavity, get to the dentist right away! Every kid deserves to have a healthy, happy smile.